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    Things Google Doesn't Want You to Know

    This is just my opinion with my observation over the last 10 or so years

    External and Internal links
    Google used to show Page Ranks and identify which keywords/phrases helped in the rankings of search results but it doesn't show those facts anymore, which means that Google now chooses to hide that information because Google is using it in their algorithms for determining which helps sites rank higher in the results. Which is the reason they hid this information.
    Google also uses that information to locate, identify and eradicate spammers. and if you load a bunch of links with the same anchor text within a short time period or add links from the same sites within the same c-class that belong to the same organization, it raises a Google red flag.
    One has to be very careful when creating links that need to appear natural. A good way is to create inbound link anchor text that you don't want to rank for like "read more," "more information" or "click here." As that will give you a vote, Don't try and get any more than that from your link, then your website or page should have the keyword information in the title and content, not stuffed but naturally mentioned.
    Google's link profile also doesn't show you "follow" and "no-follow" data within the profile. They also keep an old link in the profile so you really don't see an accurate link profile through Google. SEO Spyglass is a better link profile program to use and will show that information as well as which (IPs) the links are coming from and a lot of additional information that is important to website link builders.
    Site Structure

    Google doesn't reveal that using exact match anchor text in internal links and page titles is a good thing for page ranking in search results. Some wordpress themes allow for the use of alt text within the menu and others do not and it is advisable to not use those themes that do not allow alt text.
    A good example is the "Home" link which is your home page. Websites do not get any advantage for using a link named "Home" and it will be shown that way on all website pages, which is not good for page ranking purposes.


    The importance of relevent content on an Internet websites cannot be understated. In fact, website designers agree that content is the key to reaching a target audience of potential customers! Clear and relevant keyword-rich content will attract your target audience and motivate them to utilize your website over others because of the pertinent information included therein.
    Effective website content does not refer merely to text, but also includes (in moderation) multimedia illustrations, diagrams, images, animation, sound, videos and interative infographics that help visitors to your website understand your product or services and technical or other difficult concepts that pertain to their particular needs.
    Unbeknownst to many website owners, people don't care about other platforms like Wordpress being included on your site. Although they do appreciate a good user interface, they end up on your website because they are looking for pertinent content and will visit other websites until they find it.
    The best content textually is that which has been written specifically for the Internet as opposed to a print source and is directed at a global audience of potential customers. It should include good internal links to enable visitors to delve more deeply into topics that interest them and it's also great food for google.
    A website's relevant content can also be added to press release pages, periodic blogs and announcements about upcoming events, as well as textual histories and "About Us" information.
    As with text, any visuals included on your website should be original pictures, videos or other multimedia that you created yourself or had created for you by a graphics designer. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of using verbiage or a picture that hundreds of other websites are also using, making it unoriginal.
    If you design your website with up-to-date relevant content in the form of text and visuals, your site will attract your target audience and keep them coming back for more relevant information.

    IMHO these are the main building blocks to having a site make it or fail.

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    "Things Google Doesn't Want You to Know" When I read this title I understood you will describe what are the hidden techniques that need to be practiced by us in our SEOing which we missed still these is important stuff that need be understood. Thank you very much for the sharing
    I also want to share my finding that I have learned by my own experiences are followed.
    • Initially, link building techniques were different, there were the group of people those had bunch of sites and those were used for backlinks purposes only as they show their sites with PR and theme and exchanges the links basically that was link farming and that was working........
    • But after first Panda update, I found people started guest posting and because of Google hide page rank matrix, so then people were using DA, PA, and other marketing matrixes but these were similar with link exchange link exchange only users were exchange links with content ...
    • When Penguin updated then users started to link removal and disavow and some are still monitoring their backlinks in their day to day practice ...

    As TEST_OK mentioned above now it is required to understand the technical aspect of the website that should be familiar to your audience including locations, content etc......... So that your site would link back with external resources after all PAGE RANK still matrix to determine organic ranking by Google.
    Finally, I must say big sites are hiring the in-house team and ignoring digital marketing agencies paid marketing is more preferring than organic searches and small business industries are being suffered.
    You do your business I do mine because you are you and I am I If we meet it is nice.
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    I work as an SEO but I don't "seo' my own site LOL. What I learned so far is that you can practically forget everything and just focus on delivering what your target visitors truly want, that is, looking at your analytics all the time and deciphering all those weird search phrases that land on your site.

    Google acknowledges that majority of the website owners are not aware of SEO. They couldn't just push those sites down just because they don't do SEO right?

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