Many, many thanks to the gurus on this forum for the informative posts! Just finished an re-design, and the results hit Google today. On our two main keyword phrases, we jumped from #505 (ugh) to #7, and from #691 to #5! I'm am trilled.

After I looked at the results, I saw two from the same site at the top 2 positions. I noticed the title was packed with keywords, so I thought I would check for spam. Found it.

They are using a span tag, setting visibility to "hidden", and font-weight to 400, and then packing the area with links and keywords. When you select all text in IE, you don't see it, but you can in Netscape 4.7.

Take a look: Spammy Site

Just thought I'd share before I report 'em. Report with me, if you feel so inclined


P.S if anyone has any feedback on more improvements to the new site, feel free to post!