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    Stop ragging on Google and make the web a better place

    Your not #1 on Google for your 1 keyword/phrase, and I know why.

    Your site sucks. It's horrible. People have nightmares about geo-cities and the future of advertising every time they are unfortunate enough to see your site.

    Your blog is poorly written, skimmed content, with no actual value to the human race.

    But it mist be Google's fault that you aren't doing well. Must be Google keeping down the little guy because your stolen wordpress template with a barely passable English is outranked by wikipedia and scientific american.

    F U

    Take your site down and spend the next six months coming up with compelling content. Not 'unique' content. Rephrasing something a hundred sites have is just more SPAM. Come up with something that you can honestly tell ME (the most judgmental and potentially most evil person on the planet) is something nobody else as EVER put online.
    DPReview actually get's their hands on a camera or lens and tests it, six way to none.
    XKCD and Penny Arcade are hilarious and original.
    Amazon has the best fulfillment in the world.
    Anita at feministfrequency creates broadcast quality, well researched content on a specific topic.

    Make ME (not you) say WOW! where has this been all my life.

    Then when you are getting hundreds of visitors a day just from a couple natural links.... THEN tell me about how terrible Google is.
    Except, they won't be. Your site will probably rank. Maybe not #1, but after all that work you will KNOW why wikipedia outranks you, and you may not care.

    Please, for the love of all that is not 4 chan.... make something that contributes to the collective worth of humanity instead of a parasite on it's side.

    I hope you know who you are.

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    Bravo! I couldn't have said it better myself.
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    hahaha well done, this gets rant of the year award! awesome!
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    Make ME (not you) say WOW! where has this been all my life.
    If that ain't the truth.

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