With Google updates, we have to accept that link building should not be our only strategy to rank on Google. Creating a social rank is equally important.

We need to create buzz about the business. We are well aware about the social media websites nowadays. But there's one more thing to create a buzz about our business i.e. business reviews.

We are aware about business reviews concept and its benefits (so i do not need to explicitly say here). But how many of us use it effectively?

It's not just about posting reviews on other websites, it's about telling others to read it too. Hence these reviews need to be further reciprocated with good marketing startegy.

Some of the websites which can be used to post reviews:
yelp.com - US based businesses
tripadvisor.com - hotels & resorts
us.justdial.com - India and US based businesses
mouthshut.com - businesses & products
zomato.com - India based restaurants

I think this is one of the techniques we should use to bring in popularity for our business.
Any thoughts over this?