We are working on a site which ranks for a number of keywords around a certain type of product. We have been having issues with the main keyword.

When we took the site over, the site was ranking at the bottom of page 1 for this keywords. A couple of days later, it had dropped to the bottom of page 4.

Step by step, we made some improvements and the site crept upto mid page 3. A couple of weeks ago, we did 3 changes:

The homepage was very keyword heavy, I ran a keyword analyser on the page and for the main keyword, it was coming up around 9%. Assessing the best performing competitors, theirs was around 3%-4%, so I reduced the density to around 5%.

There was an almost identical site they had which was listing the same products. We 301'd the pages on the clone site to the current site.

The page titles were all very short so I increased their length with relevant titles and added a generic "(UK) Order XXX, XXX and XXX online" after the product name.

When I came into work last Monday the site had shot up to mid page 1 for the main keyword where it remained all week. I have come into work this morning and it is back to page 3, although now a few places higher than it was previously.

Is it possible we were just seeing some sort of fluctuation which put the site on page 1 for a week and it has settled back down now or could a fluctuation be occuring now to put it back on page 3?