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    Site Authorization affecting rank

    I was trundling among rather nicely with Google and just before Christmas I was at position 10 for a given keyword (I have been no lower than 20 for the last year). Around the same time my hosting company has requested a change of passwords due to a security threat, but I forgot to change the anonymous access password in ISS and as a result my entire site could not be accessed without a username and password. I think it was like this for about 3 days. When I checked my rankings at the end of the year I was at 450 and I am now at 550! The only thing I have done is add some good quality links. My questions are:
    Why does is now list mysite.co.uk/default.htm instead of mysite.co.uk?
    Do you think that the issue mentioned had all to do with it?
    Should I try and get my site removed from those poor quality sites that I linked to when I first started SEO?

    Thanks in advance
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    I would imagine that the password protection for your site has a lot to do with your SERPs drop. On a positive note, you should see your rankings return now that your site is available again.

    Re site.com v site.com/default.htm -- this is a canonical url problem. Make sure all your internal links point to the domain root rather than filename and if you have access to the server admin side (as you can't use .htaccess on a Windows server), set up a 301 redirect (see the link in my signature for info on how to do this).

    Re links -- links from these sites won't hurt you, but if you're linking back to them it can impact you negatively. If they are low quality, spammy links, then do consider removing the link back.
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