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    Originally Posted by giggity
    I have a shop as part of my site and its architecture is like this (example):


    Breadcrumbs are set up as:
    Home > Shop > Mobiles > iPhone
    Home > Shop > Tablets > iPad

    but the navigation menu is a dropdown menu that displays all pages and does not change depending on the page (therefore every page will have a link to every other).

    Is this structure OK and should I consider changing the navigation menus so that not every page links to every other? Also, am I really using anchor text effectively in my navigation menus when I could be linking to /shop/mobiles/iphone/ with the anchor text (Buy an iPhone) rather than simply iPhone.

    Sorry to bump but would anyone mind commenting on my site's architecture. Thanks
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    Ya I search for Mobiles iPhone Shop for the Home and iPad Tablets Shop for the Home all the time.

    Seriously only you can determine this by accessing your own data. There is no perfect architecture that is useful for all domains... "you are what you are until you change yourself to be something else"... so your architecture grows & changes with time.

    It isn't a fix construct.

    Site Architecture is about weaving a living plan. You use what you have in current phrases and weave those into your internal link architecture as partial matches to enhance internal relevancy so to blossom ranks in that area specific area. Once you find a workable solution you expand on it.

    If you aren't ranked for any of your current breadcrumbs what-so-ever then your site architecture sucks for the current level of external influences you have.

    Home & Shop are completely irrelevant I would say to your construct so I would start with (getting all data)

    Mobile > Phones > iPhone
    _______ > ________ > Nokia
    _______ > Tablets > iPAD

    where _________ is the same top category.

    In the case Mobile drive relevancy down to Phones and thus the Phone page ranks easier for Mobile Phones and those both drive relevancy down to iPhone so you can rank easier for iPhone Mobile Phones or Mobile Phones iPhone and the iPhone page drives relevancy back up for Phrases like Mobile iPhone... in short "wordplay".

    But none of that matters if no one types in those phrases or you are not at that level of ranking play yet.

    Your own data drives this process.
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    A couple of resources on Silo Architecture:

    BruceClay - SEO Silos - how to build a website silo architecture

    Silo Websites

    I'm not in a position at this time to make a value judgement - I only post these as interesting reading.

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    apart from the relevancy driving thing, what is the SEO downside to Mega Menu?

    Is it because all those links from every single page prevent a PageRank prioritization, as every single page gets the same amount of PageRank?

    Or is the problem the link dilution, as every link evaporates some of its value as Matt Cutts puts it, and with lots of link you end up with a net loss of PageRank per page?
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