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    signature links boost google pr

    How much do signature links boost your google pr? Are there some forums out there that benefit you more than others? If so, can anyone post a list of forums that are good at rewarding you with each post you make.
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    I believe that most people feel that sigs are of very little, if any, value. My gut feeling is that they do help a little, in terms of anchor text but certainly not PR.

    I don't know of any evidence that they can harm you. That said, some people feel that G employees monitor SEO forums and may investigate sig links of those who are trying to scam G.

    That may be paranoia. I think that if you are going to scam G, you'll eventually get caught sigs or no sigs. They've got a bigger machine

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    Signature links are for bringing traffic to your site. Forget PR

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    • pinyo agrees : relevant traffic is what forums sig link is all about. Good point.
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    they do pass some PR but not worth the effort specially they act like site wide links. But a general list of sites that do show up in G back links would be a nice list to have.
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    ::: What's My Motivation For Creating A Signature File? - Well, It Should Never Be For Boosting Your PageRank :::

    Originally Posted by aspforum
    How much do signature links boost your google pr?
    Looking for forums just so that you can create a signature file to boost your PageRank reveals that your motive is not one that would line up with what Google intended for PageRank to express or to reveal about your page.

    Your motivation for including a signature file with your forum posts should be PRIMARILY for a HUMAN visitor although in certain situations your page will be able to experience the additional benefits of link reputation and PageRank which is then provided by the ROBOTIC visitor, (i.e., Googlebot, Google's search engine spider).

    As for your question about how much PageRank boost there will be, you simply use the following formula to figure it out.

    Take the PageRank of the page and subtract 15% of it (the dampening factor) then divide that number by the total number of links on the page which will then equal the amount of PageRank boost for your page.

    Originally Posted by aspforum
    Are there some forums out there that benefit you more than others?
    If you mean by ... "benefit" ... the amount of PageRank points passed to your page, then the answer is yes.

    SEO TIP: FORGET about FOCUSING on PageRank! PageRank happens as a result of acquiring links. If you have relevant quality links pointing to your pages from authority pages within your industry/niche then your page will have PageRank. Now, whether the Google toolbar or any other tool displays PageRank or not is NOT important. Well, not important in the sense that it will dramatically help to increase your search engine rankings.

    Link reputation is what will increase your search engine rankings for particular keywords much more than PageRank ever can.

    It is a myth that PageRank "can" directly increase your search engine rankings for particular keywords.

    Do NOT focus on PageRank but rather on becoming well connected both "to" and "from" authoritative pages within your industry/niche.

    Keep in mind that when using the Google toolbar to measure the "actual" PageRank of a particular page that you cannot rely on it for an accurate reading, since the toolbar only uses a linear measure from 0 to 10, not to mention that the Toolbar "measure" of PageRank is not updated in real time and it can take several weeks or months before any PageRank can be "seen" via the toolbar at all, but once again, that is not the real (or accurate measure of) PageRank because PageRank is calculated exponentially. Therefore, our advice is to forget about PageRank as a measure of a page's value or quality in regard to its relevance because PageRank is simply the measure of the "importance" of a page in the absence of a query and NOT the measure of the "importance" of a page in the presence of a query.

    If The Actual PageRank Is Between		Then The Toolbar Shows
    0.00000001 and 5				1
    6 and 25					2
    25 and 125					3
    126 and 625					4
    626 and 3125					5
    3126 and 15625				        6
    15626 and 78125				        7
    78126 and 390625				8
    390626 and 1953125				9
    1953126 and infinity				10
    Notice how restricted the information is that you receive from the 
    Google toolbar?
    Also, keep in mind that when you see a page with a PageRank 
    of 0 with the Google toolbar that it could simply be that the 
    page does have PageRank but the PageRank is less than 1.
    PLEASE NOTE: Since the actual Google PageRank calculations
    are not made public, these numbers are simply used for illustration
    purposes only.
    Your Friends,

    Sharon and Roy Montero

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    • Wit agrees : Nice one
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    Thanks Sharon and Roy. Your reply is very enlightening.

    Last edited by Jasontnyc; May 4th, 2005 at 06:04 AM. Reason: sig after 90 days and 100 posts
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    Just be sure to read the individual forums TOS on what is allowed as far as signatures

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