I hope someone can provide some guidance... I have been involved in SEO since 1998 and have been very successful over the years for all my clients in Google and elsewhere. After the notorious Florida update, I found myself struggling like so many out there did. Some of the sites doing well dropped, but returned after a few weeks, but any new sites we designed and submitted either never showed up, or very few (one or two )have and it has taken over 8 months.

We have two servers. One of them we aquired about 3 months before the Florida update. It seems any sites added to this server since Florida update are not showing up in Google but everywhere else typically. A site we designed two months ago was placed on the 'old' server and is already showing up in Google. It's a very basic site. We do not share these servers either.

Here are the examples:
the new server: http://www.greenbankvillas.com SEO was done in May

the old server: http://www.massachusettsflyfishing.com SEO was done in September.

If anyone has heard of something like this PLEASE let me know. Right now I'm getting ready to move a few of the sites that are struggling over to the old server in hopes of determining if the server is causing this. Any new sites we are currently building are also on the old server as a test.