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    Seriously needing to fix some things

    Looking over several of my server logs, it comes to my attention that while I do get a lot of hits to my main site, they are mostly from other pages, and everything else besides search engines. I finally tried out some position monitoring tools, and I was very unhappy I thought I was doing things pretty good as far as SEO goes, but the numbers tell otherwise.

    I think I have the basic ideas down of what I am doing, from reading here for quite some time, and doing a lot of experimenting, but I think the problem may lie in my choosing of words. Here is a small example. My main site is based off the work of H. P. Lovecraft (hopefully at least some of you have heard of him.. many call him the father of modern day horror, but that is another subject from this

    Obviously, one of my main keywords is his name. I don't know why I never did this before, but I went through searching for variations, and counted up the number of hits for each one on google (granted - google isnt the only thing out there, but this is the google section ;)

    Heres what it game up with:

    Lovecraft = 392,000
    Howard Lovecraft = 55,500
    "Howard Lovecraft" = 1,260
    Howard Phillips Lovecraft = 22,700
    "Howard Phillips Lovecraft" = 15,400
    Howard Philips Lovecraft = 10,100 (misspelling - only 1 P)
    H P Lovecraft = 137,000
    "H P Lovecraft" = 131,000 (periods after the initials do not make a difference. also, using "HP" instead of "H P" seems to not make one either!)

    I know theres a lot I need to go through and re-do on my site. And I know I need to come up with more friendly (both user and SEO) content on the main page especially. But as far as which name I use, does it make more sense to really push the ones with more hits, because most people probably just search for "Lovecraft", or I could focus on one or two of the other variations because theres a better chance of getting up higher.

    If I focus on multiple ones, I don't know if it will hurt more than help. Anyway, as always, comments are appreciated. Tonight I somehow feel like I am re-learning this all again ;)
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    Hey – I’m kinda in the same position. From what I gather – unless your website has a high page rank and link exchange – it’s best to target keywords that have the least amount of competition. I did a little research on your keywords.

    h.b lovecraft is not very competitive – but h.p lovecraft is ….that’s a good example of targeting your “niche words”. Personally, I would say target the words with less competition first – then work your way up…but the number of words I’m not sure about….I asked that question on another thread…

    Once you have achieved top rankings on the words your competition has ignored – target their keywords and you will have an edge, long term.

    1 "h.b. lovecraft" 144.000 12 3 0
    2 "lovecraft quotes" 121.000 33 7 9
    3 "hickman's model lovecraft" 64.000 8 2 0
    4 "death of howard phillips lovecraft 1937" 16.000 4 1 0
    5 "howard phillips lovecraft complete work" 16.000 4 1 0
    6 "lovecraft art" 4.024 13 3 42
    7 "howard phillips lovecraft necronomicon" 4.000 2 0 1
    8 "cthulhu howard phillips lovecraft" 1.500 3 1 6
    9 "hp lovecraft" 1.440 106 24 7804
    10 "necronomicon lovecraft" 1.306 9 2 62
    11 "h.p. lovecraft" 0.776 210 47 56845
    12 "lovecraft" 0.576 281 63 137001
    13 "lovecraft arkham" 0.322 8 2 199
    14 "lovecraft library" 0.093 8 2 685
    15 "h p lovecraft" 0.073 65 15 57952
    16 "h. p. lovecraft" 0.048 53 12 57979
    17 "lovecraft cthulhu" 0.045 8 2 1420
    18 "howard phillips lovecraft" 0.026 11 2 4723
    19 "howard philips lovecraft" 0.007 2 0 550
    20 "h.p lovecraft" 0.001 9 2 57245

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    How was that information generated?

    (I have a PR of 5.. and around 300 backlinks that google is showing up.. does that give you any info?)
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    I've decided that one of my problems is over-generalization of keywords, tags, titles, and descriptions.

    I seem to be in the habit of trying to squeeze everything in on every single page, when I really need to be focusing on thinking of each page as it's own entity, and treating it as such in SEO terms.. know what I mean?
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    You have hit the nail on the head with the over generalisation.
    It is very important to use only one keyword or phrase per page.
    Your keyword research is also very important.
    Just looking at the number of results returned in Google is not a good indication of the keyword effectiveness.
    Use http://www.wordtracker.com to get your KEI - Keyword Effectiveness Index. This is the number of results returned divided by the number of competitors with the amount of searches performed factored in.
    There may be a keyword with lots of results with absolutely (or very little) competition. This would be your "niche" - the word you should realy target!

    Keuword Analysis is one of the First things you should do in SEO. You can waste a lot of time if you don't target the best keywords.

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