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    Hi Folks,

    I have recently did some basic optimization for some blogspot website. I've seen some questions on the fora here, but i missed some answers and i had some issues that were never mentioned. So FYI, I'll just point out some things that might be useful for your own websites.

    • In the settings tab, there is an option that says:

      "Add your Blog to our listings? A Public blog appears in your Blogger Profile. If you select "No" we will not show your blog anywhere on Blogger.com, but it will still be available on the Internet. ".

      Be aware that if you choose No, and you have the $BlogMetaData$ in your template, the program will automatically insert the following line:

      <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" />
      Although generally it isn't a good idea to hide your blogs spot from your public profile as it decreases your websites visibility (the link doesn't count cause of the ref=nofollow tag that is inserted by blogger), it might happen that you don't want to add the website in your profile but of course still want the search engines to index your website. If that is the case, simply remove the $BlogMetaData$ tag and replace it with its normal output. That is the link tags that reference your rss feed etc. Be sure to rewrite those tags as it's probably of importance for the search engines. Even if you don't believe an rss feed link can be of importance for search engines, it can never hurt your website as it is common practice.
    • Be sure to add the keywords and description tag in your template. We all know this doesn't make a huge difference at the end, but don't we all want a nice description in the serps? However this thread isn't about the importance of these old tags. Just be sure to insert them.
    • If you have the standard link templates on, it won't use the title attribute. You are encouraged to use it whenever possible. Possibilities include hand tailored static links you entered in your links section.
    • Blogger gives you some decent options to moderate your comments. Be sure to use them and to ban spam messages that are in no way related to your websites main theme. Don't be afraid of people placing links in your comments, as they are either redirected via a google/blogspot page that is known by google and doesn't count PR, either are tagged with the rel=nofollow attributes.
    • You cannot upload a decent google sitemap if you're not publishing to your own ftp. However there is still a possibility to have a google sitemap up. In your google sitemaps account, first choose the meta tag verifier option. You can then alter the meta tag in your blogger template. Afterward you can then upload your sitemap in Google. You probably say "Heck how can i get my sitemap up on my blogspot account?", well there is no clean solutions to get your custom sitemap up and running. (You can imagine javascript methods to redirect or give a sitemap response, but those are of course against the rules of blogger). What you can do to resolve the problem is uploading your rss feed as a sitemap. Google will accept your rss feed. Be sure not to upload your atom.xml feed, as it only contains the latest items. If you choose to display only one blog entry per page, your atom.xml will have only one item in it. As your sitemap is now an rss feed, it will not have all the thorough information that can be incorporated in google (msn/yahoo) sitemaps, but it will give the crawler a head start for indexing and is probably better than the plain flat text-file sitemaps.

    So that are 5 tips i think can be of real value for blogspot users. For example if you wonder why your pages aren't indexed, check the robots meta tag on your website.

    My feeling is that blogspot websites are indexed like other pages, and having regularly posts and backlinks are important to get higher rankings. If you have decent and interesting content, those should follow automatically.

    The site i recently looked after is nieuwjaarsbrieven.blogspot.com and isn't fully optimized yet as it is more a reference site and not having huge commercial value. However IMHO, it's always interesting to have the reference site that the author is talking about.

    I hope you found it interesting, and if you want some more tips and information please let me know, I'm thinking of writing a bigger article with more tips and experiences.


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