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    Seo Outsource Advice

    Hi All,

    Hope your well!

    I have just had a client come on board wanting an seo package after doing some web design work, however i havent the time to manage this project including doing all the work and therefore looking for a bit of advice on outsourcing.

    I have heard of many India based seo companies that are good but wanted to hear first hand advice from others:

    Profit By Search, Wildnet & RubTheWeb i am predominantely looking for them to manage the project social media, link building etc until i can free some more time.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Jamie Ryans
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    Generally speaking I would advise to go with someone within your clients or your country and time zone. If your client is in India then fine but if they are in the UK then go with a UK company, if USA then with a USA company etc.
    The other thing to be careful of is the language, you want it to be their first language so anything that is written is good and technically correct. Whilst I agree its tempting to save the money, you tend to get what you pay for in this business.

    Whilst I have heard of good results from SEO companies based in India I have heard of many more where the site has nosed dived because of poor techniques. Is a gamble as is any outsourced SEO work but you can limit the risk and maybe damage by going for someone local that you can keep keep an eye on and check the work being done.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Also try and find someone who's familiar with the industry or niche.
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    I don't think local is important - I'm based in Poland, Europe and have clients all over the globe.

    What is important is that you do not hire an SEO company until you know what SEO is. I have had endless clients who, as Chedders says, need to spend $$$ after hiring India based SEO companies (which is not to say there are some gems there, just an unbelievable number of cowboy firms as well).

    So a quick acid test would be:
    - what SEO related terms to those companies rank for (if they can do it for themselves they might be able to do it for you)
    - customer references, who have they done SEO for that you can talk to - ideally in your industry - and then talk to them. Many SEO companies say things like "Microsoft is our client", don't take it on face value, ask for a contact at Microsoft that you can talk to.
    - I also agree with chedders, much of SEO is about content (and that includes the content of links) so if the English is broken or substandard it will have a direct reflection on your client.

    You also stand a danger of loosing business by trying to help out. Your client wants a "SEO package" - there isn't such a thing really has every site needs to be considered on it's own needs and merits. So if you say to him "OK, I'll help you find an SEO package" you are just amplifying an error in thinking.

    Later, when he finds out "packages" are a waste of time he might point the finger at you for not warning him....

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    Never treat SEO as a "black box" and if someone tries to sell you a SEO service that has "secret sauce" baked in, turn them down.

    You don't need to understand it all but you need to have some idea of what they're going to do on your behalf, otherwise you could be paying someone to destroy your website.
    Ask for specifics on what they intend to do for you, then go research it. Ask for reports. Ask for references. But remember that, at the end of the day, this is your website and you and you alone will suffer for bad SEO work.

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