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    Scroogle Poison-Words Changing

    Well, it looks like many of you were CORRECT about those of us jumping the gun with our de-optimizations.

    Scroogle NO LONGER shows the MAIN critical poison-pairs that I was so concerned about, and have obliterated from my pages.
    Is the Scroogle data inaccurate, or is Google backing off?

    Google has been letting us stew in our own juices, and is now apparently turning down the heat, which increases the confusion.
    Maybe they are pulling back because they have realized their error.
    Maybe they are pulling back due to developing bad press.
    Many have speculated that they would, at least SOME.
    I kinda secretly though so myself.
    They had gone too far.

    Midnight update:
    Scroogle is now showing ONLY 8 of the poisoned phrases, of the original 23 I recorded 2 days ago.
    Does this indicate a BIG-TIME back-off on Google's part?
    Sure looks like it.
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    There are several reports of Google adjusting the algo, filter or backing off, whatever you want to call it. Stay tuned!

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    The hit list takes the latest 10,000 search terms, purges duplicates and some porn, and ends up with almost 5,000 terms.

    These are sorted by casualty rate. There's an absolute cutoff at the bottom, which is why you don't see the casualty rate get to zero. The cutoff is to keep the file somewhere around 100K.

    It's possible that no one put in your words in the last day or so. At the current rate of searching, which is about 10,000 searches a day, the entire list recycles every 24 hours. The list is updated every 20 minutes, which means that some terms from yesterday are falling off every 20 minutes and some new terms from today are getting added.
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    Gringo, you mentioned there has been reports of backing off of the filter... Do you think my backlinks would hurt my ranking. Let's say in 100% of my backlinks contain my 2-keyword phrase...
    If I de-optimize my index page by decreasing the keyword density, do you think it wouldn't make much difference because my backlink anchor text is so dense?

    Also, anyone have a guess for a good keyword density on their index page? Just curious what everyone's was, is, and what their competitors that were unaffected are.

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    Just found a french penalized search.
    Only one site is kicked for "logiciel jeu" (no quotes) or game software in english...
    So far I found just that one exception of french only keyword search.
    Most other penalized one's contains one or more english therms.
    It may be a sign of adjustment cause I must say the french filtering sucks, SERPS in french are very spammy still.
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    Jocelyn - Interesting data point.

    Great info, Kackle!
    I missed this before.
    Does that mean "once on-always on"?
    When one of our poisoned terms disappears, how do we determine if it is because -
    1- it just wasn't typed in, in the last 24 hours, or
    2- it is an actual Google adjustment (is this perceivable)?

    Is a composite, cumulative list possible?
    How about a daily-updated cumulative list, reflecting those terms which Google lightened up on (and IF they are actually removing specific terms from the dictionary)?

    How long would the list be if all terms EVER included from the beginning were present?
    (minus the porn, jibberish and rabbit vibrators (humor attempts))
    2x (10,000)?
    10x (50,000)?
    100x ?
    Why am I asking this? Who cares?
    We only care about our own terms.
    Make this a rhetorical question.
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