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    Same Content?

    If I was striping an XML feed serverside, and outputting it in my own format, with my own html around the information, would google still list this?

    There's about 10 sites sharing one XML feed, and we're all outputting it in different ways. I was just wondering if google will still detect that the information is the same?

    Any ideas?
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    I've seen Google not catch duplicate content simply by one site's header information being you might be okay on this one, given the formatting changes you're making.

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    If google is using the system that their patent describes, then they could easily "fingerprint" a few areas of the output to compare against.

    Just an idea, but if you know 10 sites are using the exact same content, then you could run the xml parsed output thru a thesaurus program to modify it easily.
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    Their capabilities are far more advanced than any of us can think. Let me give you an example: I have a site that I feed the product list to Froogle. All products are listed under 1 category with about 1000 products. Froogle takes this list and looking at the titles and descriptions of the products assigns them categories. When I first saw it I freaked out but looking at the categories they have assigned it really made sense to me. They were doing a full text scan and assigning the best category for that descriptiona nd title for each specific product. Now, coming from that angle I can tell you that they have technology that scans all text and understands exactly what that text means, from grammar to content of the text. So if they wanted to catch similar content they could do it very easily. But I don't think they are very strict on this one. I would say mek sure everything is not the same including meta tags, picture names, and text and you would be fine.

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