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    Arrow Rules to create search engine friendly title,description and meta tags with using....

    Hello guys,

    Here are some Rules to create search engine friendly title,description and meta tags with using keyword dencity for content of the page

    The TITLE tag is one of the most important components as far as search engines are concerned. Because the site is TITLE tag as the link and main title of the siteís listing on the search engine result page. Following are some rules about the TITLE tags:
    > Place your TITLE tags immediately below the <HEAD> tag.
    > Place 40 to 60 characters between the <TITLE> and
    </TITLE> tags, including spaces.
    > Put the keyword phrase you want to focus on for this page at a very beginning of the TITLE.

    The DESCRIPTION Meta tag describes the web page to the search engines.
    > They read and index the text in the tag.
    > Some search engines grabs the text form of the DESCRIPTION tag and places it under the text form of TITLE tag so searcher can read your description.
    > Some times search engines may not use the DESCRIPTION you provide. However, it uses the description with the keyword from the body text of that page or it may use the description of some standard web directories.
    > Some smaller search engine uses the DESCRIPTION tag in the results.

    Following are some rules about the DESCRIPTION tags:
    > The DESCRIPTION Meta tag is very important so you should use it in your site.
    > Place your DESCRIPTION tag immediately below the TITLE tags.
    > Create a nice keyworded description of up to 250 characters, including spaces.
    > Duplicate your important keywords once in the description but not more than that.

    Tapping in to the KEYWORDS Meta tag:This was important many years past, but this Meta tag is not so important these days. Some search engines may use it, but many donít.
    Following are some rules about the KEYWORDS tag:
    > Limit the tag to 10 to 12 words.
    > You can separate each keyword with comma and a space. Donít use both but use either a comma and no space or use a space and no comma.
    > Make sure that most of the keywords in the tag are also in the body text.
    > Donít use a lot of repetition.
    > Donít use the same KEYWORD tag in all your pages.

    Watching Key word density:
    When a user searches for a keyword phrase, the search engine looks at all the pages that contain the phrase and checks the density (The ratio of the search phrase to the total number of words in the page.
    Suppose that you search for legal employment and the search engine finds a page that contains 400 words, with the phrase legal employment appearing 10 times Ė that is a total of 20 words. Because 20 is 5 percent of 400, the keyword density is 5 percent.

    The density should not be the 50 percent or up of the total no of words of the page and if it is then it is clearly a spamming technique.


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    Is this fairly upto date.
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    lolllzzz nice but old..copied from a E-book.. but i appreciate the effort..this is how to learn..good try

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