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    Removing old sitelinks google still shows?

    Hi, i created a new website, though kept the same domain.

    Because of this, whenever i search my brand name into google, a few of the sitelinks shown are still from the old website...

    How can i remove these completely, without having to 301 redirect all my old website pages, I have just requested to temp remove the links showing up within the sitelinks, but will these just come back once the 90 days temp removal is finished?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    You have no control over when Google decides to show site links. They will be removed when Google's Index is updated. As to when they will do this is only known to Google. It could take as little as a month or as long as 6 months or longer.

    I do know that when I update starred review ratings on the site, it generally takes around 4 to 6 weeks to show up in the serps.

    Except for site links, I would suggest you don't ask Google to remove links. Sometimes this is an over reaction and link removal takes months and months to undue it you get it wrong !

    Just my opinion

    edited to add.

    No the site links will not come back. ( ie, the ones you requested to remove )
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    It's not possible to remove the old sitelink completely from our end. We don't have control on what Google should show in sitelink. However, you should try to index the new URLs. It will help Google identify your new website URLs and they will automatically remove the older ones once they index the newer ones.
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    I think it will take time. I have created another site similar to my current one with the hopes of redesigning my website. After everything was done. I migrated the new design to my current and then deleted the other one. The urls from the deleted one still shows up. Just leave them.

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