Hi guys I wonder if anyone can help.

I suppose I should ask you to take a deep breath and read on, I'll start at the beginning. We used to run a shop on a .co.uk using just HTML that was being regularly indexed and featuring high in SERPs. My website guy then said we should go over to php as he can do some better stuff with it. So we put the new site on the .com with the same(ish) content and are not using the .co.uk at all. This has been about 8 months now and we're having all sorts of problems getting indexed again.

I've had the .com with content on for over 8 months now and am having problems getting indexed. One of the things we've done is use Google webmaster tools and have added an .XML sitemap. This has been there for around a month. The site uses php but the URLS have been renamed from the usual containing ? = & etc to simple directory/text based. (my website guy done this). I'm also adding inbound links from forums, ezines etc (relevant and from similar sites).

Checking the webmaster tools we have a majority of URLS that have a redirect error under "Web Crawl". Also when I do a site:www search on Google only several pages are returned all of which have:

Query failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 Query

as the Title and the "content". However when I click on the Title URL link the page loads and works fine.

MSN however don't seem to have a problem and have indexed a load more pages and are also featuring some keywords high on the SERPs.

Does anyone know what might be wrong? Our www.(site).com redirects to www.(site).com/welcome via the index.php and <?php
header('Location: welcome');
if that makes any difference.

Any comments really appreciated I myself am new to all this but as this is my livelihood I really need some help.

Thanks for your help.