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    Questions about subdomains, quality content and quality backlinks and more


    i am new in this forum. I have read alot of articles about SEO, but still i got some questions in mind.

    1) Does it matters for Google if website is on domain or on subdomain? Will it have any influence on SERP if i will use subdomain for my site instead of normal domain?

    2) How Google recognise unique quality content? I mean, it is possible to write "article" which is like:

    "good much tall grass sky bla bla nice"...

    If i will make such jumble of words it will be like unique "quality" content. Or am i wrong? So if i will have many such "unique quality articles" in another website, i could add there some keywords, links to my website and it will be quality backlinks.

    I dont believe that Google recognise if text is "good" or absolutely nonesense. Plus if content is not in english, so there could be writen absolutely anything, and it will be quality unique links...

    Please tell me if i am wrong about it.

    3) Is it matters if domain is very old? And how is it possible to fing old expired domains?

    4) So, to sum up all questions, would it be effective to buy ~10 domain and make ~10 or more websites. In every website would be ~20-30 articles. All those articles would be absolutely nonsense, jumble, medley of random words + some bolded keywords with links to my main website.

    Thank you for your answers.
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    Instead of coming on SEO Chat and asking... 'What it the meaning of life', why don't you do some reading and searching within the forum for some of your answers. All of your questions have been asked hundreds of times and answered. Show some initiative and find some of those threads that will answer all of your very basic questions.

    Bottomline: I am not being a hardass, I just thing you are being intellectually lazy.
    ...Never mistake activity for achievement...

    ...Wise men don't need advice. Fools won't take it....
    Benjamin Franklin

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