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    Originally Posted by Test-ok
    How could it? With no link assigned...I highly doubt it.
    I think it would help associate your company name with the website it's on and help it's seo value for those much? I doubt it'll be much but seo value to your site...I don't see it.
    I wouldn't doubt google so much, I would have thought they would still use company name mentions in so way as they do with non clickable links - even if its more for local search, I would still think that google would give company mentions so sort of weight when mentioned in authoritative and relevant places.

    Just a theory, but the reason behind my think this is because:
    1. google already uses non clickable / non live links.
    2. google have said before that having your address listed on sites such as local directories help with local seo, so why not a company name to?

    Again, that's just my theory on the subject looking at it from the other side of the fence, so maybe some testing on this could be of value for us all?

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    • eddyf agrees : Why shouldn't an editorial mention count as a vote? Originally Google mapped URL links. Could be they are far more sophisticated about making plain text associations as well. Testing is needed.
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    Have to say not sure I follow the actual question. Here's a page with a link to one of my websites (mamdom) embedded in an article about Poland and property and going to a website about Poland and property:
    My crazy gamble with our Polish builder - Telegraph

    Cheddars - were you asking to show how this link "works like a dream". I can't know exactly how my site will fair without this link because I would argue it is more subtle than that.

    1) People who find my website might then search it's name on the internet before parting with any money. The fact that it is mentioned in one of the UKs broadsheets give consumer confidence which leads people to spend longer (and more?) on my site which is positive SEO.
    2) These things have a viral effect. When you are mentioned in one major piece of media other journalists pick you up and start quoting you / linking to you so there is another SEO benefit difficult to quantify.

    So I'm not sure you can really quantify that link X is better than link Y at this level (ie on very high quality sites) - there are subjective elements which are very hard to prove ...
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    building backlinks with highpagerank sites and relevant sites will helps to get good ranking in search engine results.
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