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    Puzzle for an expert ... can anyone explain this?

    I'm just getting started, learning about SEO -- and I thought a good place to start would be to try to reverse engineer someone who is doing a good job of it.

    So I chose the search term "free web hosting" - I figure this has GOT to be a phrase with some hot competition, right?

    So the #5 search result on Google is this site:


    This site has a Google PageRank of 6 - ok but certainly not like the 8 or more I was expecting.

    So, visit this site and then examine the source code for this page:

    The exact term "free web hosting" does not appear ANYWHERE on the text page--or even in the title. I does appear once each in the DESCRIPTION and KEYWORD metatags. (Although I was of the understanding that at least the keyword tag is pretty much ignored these days).

    Anyway...the question: How does a PR 6 site which does not even include the key phrase in the body text or title, get to #5 on Google?

    My Wordtracker tools says there are 2,043 searches / DAY on "free web hosting" -- so SURELY there are a lot of SEO people crazily going for this one right??

    I guess if SEO is really a science, then it should be able to explain this?

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts... I'd really like to know how they did this.


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    No puzzle, really. With Google LOTS of one-way links with anchor text will get you ranking for that phrase, irrespective of what is on the page.

    One of the more extreme examples is "click here" for which result #1 takes you to the Adobe page for installing Acrobat. Neither word appears on the page.
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    first of all the pR(toolbar) has nothing to do with your rankings, but your anchor texts.

    See the below SERPs, the KW [failure] shows which page as #1...


    read these articles, read a lot from the threads here - wherever you find them good - evaluate by your own experience, without blindly echoeing, and make sure what you are reading is not an out-dated tactic.... - that's imp in this industry.

    all the best...
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    Hmmm again it came to my mind "Miserable Failure" i guess everyone knows it.. one way high quality links can make a site visible in ranks without even having the the same text in the body or in anchor.

    miserable failure generates results and the top ranked site has no such word anywhere in the website.

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