Hi guys
I have a problema with the indexation of my pages. In the new Console, Google show me more details why it is not indexing my pages
-Submitted URL marked "noindex": I have many pages marked as noindex because I don´t need this pages right now but I might need them in a near future(They are apartaments that are available for periods) Google treat all “noindex” pages as an error. Why?


-Many pages discovered but no indexed: Many pages are known by google but not they are not indexed. They are not blocked by “noindex” or robots, but Google do not index them. It doesn´t say why?


-Crawled – currently not indexed: Many pages are crawled by Google but decided not index them. One more time they are not block by noindex or robots file. Why?


-Alternative pages with proper canonical tag: Many pages has parameters but all of them has the canonical tag. It doesn´t seem to read the canonical tag. Why?