Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have a site www.organickingdom.com (domain registered in 10/2001) and I believe I have a penalty for the phrase "organic foods" in Google. Product pages appear to come up fine and when I do an advanced search for different criteria, I get the following:

with allintitle, I am #10 out of 9660
with allintext, I am #15 out of 1,870,000
with allinanchor, I am #17 out of 4,950

It just seems strange that I am not in the top 1000. Plus, I currently have a Page Rank of 0. I am #1 in Google for the term Organic Kingdom and I am #122 in Yahoo for "organic foods."

Since I am definitely listed in the directory and many of my product pages rank high for targeted product terms, it seems like there is a phrase penalty in place for the term "organic foods". Or perhaps, the Page Rank of Zero reflects a site penalty?

Any ideas of what is going on? Any advice on what to change on the site? I am currently working on getting more incoming links and making sure the anchor text has that phrase in it.