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    Paying for Adwords on different Google Accounts hurting my SEO Rankings?

    Ok so it would make sense that if I was paying a good bit of money for adwords in my business that google would maybe bring me down in the serps knowing that I will just pay more in adwords dollars if I don't rank as well.

    I was on page one, after the last couple of updates i'm on page 3 or 4 for my main keyword. I have a few sites and if you use just one sign in for adwords, you only can advertise one site at a time, in other words, in the adwords displays on the serps, it would just rotate ads of all three sites instead of placing three of my ads that I am advertising for that one main keyword, in the top three of the adwords display.

    That is why I have a different adwords group for each site so that I can rank in the 1, 2, and 3 spot for my main keywords.

    My question:

    With this technique, and me letting Google know these are my sites (Through Google Plus Authorship) do you think that is hurting my SEO rankings? From a business standpoint, and they are trying to make money for shareholders, I feel I am making them a lot more money but using three accounts and having a 3 times stronger chance of someone clicking on my ad and making them money.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    The official stance from Google is that your Adwords campaign has no effect whatsoever on your organic performance. I know that a lot in the community feel otherwise and that's a debate that's been going on for years. Personally, I'm not completely immune to those tinfoil-hat kind of thoughts, but in general I find these lines of inquiry kind of pointless (sorry- I don't mean to demean the question, I'm just being honest here).

    As a thought experiment, if Google IS pushing your organic results down, do you think suspending your Adwords campaigns or lowering overall spend are going to bring them back up? Not likely. If Google ISN'T pushing your organic results down, is increasing your ad spend even more going to raise them in the SERPs? Not likely. So, as I see it, nothing you do on the paid end is really going to have the impact/change you desire in terms of organic search. That doesn't necessarily disprove that Google isn't pushing organic rankings down, but it does suggest that if they were, there's little to nothing you can do about it. That might be a tad nihilistic at this point, but a healthy dose of that gives you some much needed perspective in the SEO world, I think.

    Some more important questions to ask/consider might be:

    *How do the paid and organic search channels complement one another and how do they fit in with the other channels? How diversified and balanced, overall, are the major traffic channels to the site?
    *What are the Assisted Conversion rates for these 2 channels, especially in relation to one another?
    *Are there any areas of opportunity to lower ad spend because of relatively healthy organic rankings?
    *If so, does the Conversion rate for organic suggest that relying more on organic won't impact revenue too much?
    *Conversely, are there areas that may need additional ad spend because of lower organic rankings? Will the Conversion Rate for Paid justify it?

    Hope that helps!

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    • GabrielG agrees : I like your reasoning though I disagree with the conclusions.
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    Short answer is split test this - see if you can create further sites and not link them with G+ authorship. Run Adwords. Watch rankings.

    Long answer is that I think Google don't want you doing this in the first place, what they call double dipping. They may turn a blind eye, but afaik it's officially against their rules. It makes more sense in a situation like this, imho, to compensate by lowering your organic rankings.

    So what should you do? For one, I don't know if I would let Google know that you run each site. Perhaps change the whois on each domain? Maybe shift 2 of the 3 domains to 2 other hosts... basically, aim to give the appearance of different sites. If you're running them off common design templates/code ... may want to change that. Or not ... because all these things can have some effect on rankings.

    Bottom line: Congrats on managing to get multiple listings, but rather than worry about G's internal machinations, you're better off building more links or whatever you need to rank the other sites higher.

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    • vbcannon agrees : Thanks and I agree. I'm in process of this actually but been out of the game for a couple of years and have to admit I don't know it all!
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    The webspam and adwords teams at Google colluding is the first sign of the apocalypse bro.

    It's doubtful that your rankings have decreased to push your hand in increasing Adwords spend though. If you've been knocked back to page 3/4, then you're either probably doing something that you shouldn't.
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    Originally Posted by vbcannon
    I was on page one, after the last couple of updates i'm on page 3 or 4 for my main keyword.
    From your above statement it looks like you have been demoted by some Google update, look into the matter.

    And officially there is no any relation between organic ranking and paid listing. Sure there have been controversies on it and you have got pretty good suggestions from Daniel and Gabrial on the same above.

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