Last month, I've had my site on the index with many pages, traffic was great, and life were good.
To make things even nicer, April's deep crawl seemed to take twice the pages I had in the index (all new and uniqe pages). At that time, the yet-unborn "dominic" was supposed to be a good surprise for me...
Then comes dominic.
PR stayed the same. Backlinks dropped, but based on GG's comments, I wasn't alarmed by that.
However, pages in the index were slashed- I have now 1/10 of the number of pages I had in the index on April.
That led to cutting the traffic down as well.
And all that, even though google's April deep-crawled was 2x than the pages i had in the index on April.

No spam whatsoever that I'm aware of. None. All is legit.

Can anyone toss an explenation or so?