So I am a newbie and need alittle help here, i own a small service company in the phoenix, az area and have recently optimized my web site and have done a great job with the help of a few friends,

my key words are the service i offer (pooper scooper) coupled with the cities i serve (phoenix, az or queen creek, az)

for all of the smaller cities sorrounding phoenix i am #1 every time! but for phoenix itself i have some competition, i have been working on this for about 3 months now and have been slowly climbing to the front page of google with every new crawl, however the last two page crawls have been interesting, when i search my keyword and phoenix az i find my page on the first page! then i try a variation of my keyword with the lets say writing out arizona instead of saying az and its gone! i try to go back to what i wrote the first time (az) and now its gone!!!?!?!? and its gone for ever.

I learned some more tricks and optimized some more stuff and just got crawled two days ago and the same thing happened i was there on the first page for three searches and now its gone to the 2nd page?

does anyone know whats going on or how i could fix this?

i really do appreciate all the help