I have to optimize a shopping cart for Google. It uses DNN (dot net nuke) 3.22 version. It can be upgraded to version 4 which uses asp.net 2 and has improved speed.

Question #1

First question is that is there any problem in using such CMS for SEO? I donít think there should be. I am using drupal in php for other sites which is good. I donít know much about DNN so how good is it from search engine point of view.

Question #2

Secondly what I really want to know is that how I would optimize a shopping website. The current site is missing a good keyword for each product, product descriptions, product reviews, image alt tags, titles, meta description, meta keywords, SE friendly links, same pattern for all urls like small words for all of them, linking within pages ( when you click on product image it opens up its page containing description and review but if you click the go back link, the url doesnít have the main pages title or keyword), and when all of this is present it will be optimized for Google.

Now Should I optimize it like we optimize the normal content site? Just like using keyword in title with keyword prominence, using it in body early and later in a paragraph and donít use it too much or get penalized by Google, link and hyper link optimization and others. Is there anything different to be done for a shopping cart site? Is there any specific type of SEO techniques for Froogle?

Question #3

My sites got indexed quickly within a month by Google. This shopping cart has not been indexed by Google although msn has done it quickly. So is the problem lies in optimization of the site or there is some other problem? Google site map quickens the process but still if you donít submit a sitemap Google crawler does index the site in some time.

What I think

What I think is that a shopping site needs more affiliates and keywords of the products should be all those that people write in the search boxes. The client wants to convert visitors to buyers.

I hope someone answers my questions quickly. I have started using this forum which is very good because people take good interest in answering peoplesí questions. I can show you the site if interested.

The Site URL


After a skin change it load real slow but that matter is being consulted and hopefully things will get better. What do you suggest?