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    Optimization on pagination pages


    I am having this challange: i have one website which has lot of pages with list of news (10 news per page) from the database.

    So by example the page:


    shows latest 10 news been added


    shows latest 10 news, but from 11-20


    shows latest 10 news, but from 21-30

    And so on.

    There are couple of problems related to optimize such pages:

    A. The fact that the content is moving from page 1 to page 2 and so on once new content is added. I am not sure if this is a problem, but i though should be better if the content stays fixed on a page rather than permanently moving to a new page (daily !). Is it so ?

    B. How should i optimize the meta side: title, description, keywords so they don't be the same.

    Was though to use maybe such approaches (demo content):

    Title: News Page 1 - The latest news ....
    Problem would be most of the title text is very similar to all the pages, beside the 1,2,3, aso...

    Keywords: So i dynamically generate a keywords list based on the page content (the news presented on that page). I know, keywords side has very few or none importance on SE...

    Description: I though maybe i should use 1-2 titles of the news from the page as page description...

    And of course, maybe there are other things i haven't though about them...
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    I do a lot of work with forums, so I'm very aware of the situation you're describing.

    These pages with news: is the full content of the news article on the page, or does it provide summary/portion of text and link to the content on it's own page? If the full content of that news is on this page... it is a problem.

    The type's of pages you're describing typically aren't the pages you expect to rank higher for your targeted keywords. As you said yourself, the content is always changing. If someone were to link to a particular news piece, they should have a link to a permanent url for that content. Most blogs and forums (I see your forum sig links, forum category pages feel a lot of this) are impacted by this, and blogging especially because too many have this effect directly on their index without enough static content on the index.

    Over time, the links to this content gets buried deeper and deeper within your site. That ever changing page becomes to the crawlers a 'this is whats important right now' page. As new news is added, it gets attention from being shallow on a page that all other pages in the category pass value to (from the link up to the news page in on the article/post page) but eventually drown down.

    But again, these aren't the pages you should be trying to rank. Each news article should have its own url linked off of the latest news page. For a while (until bumped off page 1), the content gets the exposure and hopefully some external links to it so that when it does drop onto page 2, 3, etc, the external links and page are passing value to that news page, which it then has to offer to the new content... even if only for a short while.

    There's no simple solution to this: so long as these pages sort content in chronological order, newest first, older content will be pushed deeper into the site. One thing you can do is help by linking back to older content from the newer content whenever relevant.

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