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    Not making any headway.


    What I did was I took the #1 and 2 sites and matched them with my site for keyword weight, keyword frequency, keyword placement, alt tags, keyword placement and weight throughout the site etc ... but that seemed to drop me in the rankings. Obviously not matching them in content but in percentages. Are there specific percentages that I should be at? My keyword weight for my most highly ranked page is 6%.
    The keyword phrase I am going after is green card lottery and our url is www.easyvisausa.com

    I also started monitoring our backlink count about 3 months ago ... and we used to have 145. We now only have 136 and I know that we have added probably 30 to 40 links in that time. Why are we going backwards .... what is required for google to count it as a backlink?

    Why is google not picking up our links ... and why are we dropping in ranking slowly but surely.

    I would really appreciate any help ... otherwise my employers might have to look elsewhere?

    Below is what I meant by I matched my competitors
    * first (left most) result is for my site - excuse the formatting - It wasn't easy getting this ......

    1. <HEAD> area:   
    <TITLE> tag     ...   ...   
    Number of Titles                       1   1   
    First tag in the <HEAD> tag         Yes   Yes   
    Characters in Title                     51   102   
    Words in Title                             9   12   
    Stop words in Title                    No   Yes   
    Keyword frequency in Title             1   0   
    Keyword prominence in Title     77.8%   0.0%   
    Keyword weight in Title            33.3%   0.0%   
    META Description     ...   ...   
    Number of META Description tags              1       1   
    Characters in META Description             239       256   
    Words in META Description                       36      39   
    Stop words in META Description               Yes      Yes   
    Keyword frequency in META Description     2          1   
    Keyword prominence in META Description   94.4%   7.7%   
    Keyword weight in META Description     16.7%        7.7%   
    META Keywords     ...   ...   
    Characters in META Keywords tag                339     653   
    Number of META Keywords tags                     1       1   
    Words in META Keywords tag                       48       90   
    Keyword frequency in META Keywords              2       2   
    Keyword prominence in META Keywords       89.6%   76.7%   
    Keyword weight in META Keywords              12.5%   6.7%   
    META Refresh                                  not present   present   
    Refresh time   -   -   
    Redirect                                                      No   No   
    META Robots                                   present   present   
    None                                                   No   No   
    No index                                               No   No   
    No follow                                               No   No   
    No archive                                             No   No   
    2. <BODY> area:   
    Visible text         -   
    Words in Body                                     553   368   
    Bold keywords in Body                              5   0   
    Underlined keywords in Body                     2   0   
    Keyword frequency in Body                     11   1   
    Keyword prominence in Body               96.0%   98.4%   
    Keyword weight in Body                      6.0%   0.8%   
    Keyword at the beginning of Body           Yes   Yes   
    Keyword at the end of Body                    No   No   
    First heading on the page (H1-H6)     ...   not present   
    Keyword frequency                                  1   0   
    Keyword prominence                          91.2%   0.0%   
    Keyword weight                                  8.8%   0.0%   
    All headings         -   
    Headings on the page                                    1   0   
    Headings with the keyword                     100.0%   0.0%   
    Keyword frequency in all headings                    1   0   
    Keyword weight in all headings                   8.8%   0.0%   
    Links         -   
    Total links on the page                                 48   53   
    Links to the external pages                             5   0   
    Text in links including ALTs         -   
    Links with keyword in the text and ALT             7   1   
    Keyword frequency in links (text and ALT)         7   1   
    Keyword weight in links (text and ALT)        14.4%   1.6%   
    ALT image attributes         -   
    ALT attributes on the page                            7   10   
    ALT attributes with the keyword                     3   0   
    Keyword matches in the first 3 ALT attributes   2   0   
    Keyword frequency in ALT attributes               3   0   
    Keyword weight in ALT attributes             12.7%   0.0%   
    Comments     ...   ...   
    Words in comments                                   140   26   
    Keyword frequency in comments                    0   1   
    Keyword weight in comments                   0.0%   11.5%
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    Google doesn't return anywhere near the links that exist. You probably don't have the number and quality of links that the sites you are matching have, and that's probably the difference.
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    So exactly what is a good quality link?
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    Originally Posted by tork
    So exactly what is a good quality link?
    If you have a PR bar on your google toolbar you can tell sites that are better to link to. If you don't have the toolbar, go to Google and get it. I occasionally go through my links and make sure that all the sites I link to have some PR at least. Sites with a greybar are no longer linked to. This last time I removed 7 sites from my links pages.

    The second thing to do is look at the site you are going to link to and ask yourself honestly if you would recommend that site to your mother. I have turned down links on that alone.

    You are number 20 out of over 2,000,000. You could do better I suppose. Are you trying to get one way links? Have you visited as many directories as you can find and submitted your sites there. Also, try DMOZ. I don't know if that still carries any weight or not but it can't hurt.

    3rd, read as much as you can handle in this forum. Here is a good site that was posted the other day.

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    1) Google is reporting only a fraction of your BLs (it used to be only BLs from pages with PR higher than 3, but now seems to be random - maybe links from pages with a TrustRank more than x?!?)

    2) I doubt keyword density is still consdiered by SEs... anyway before it was recommended between 2 and 6%.
    Now some researches showed that all it metters is that your target keyword is the one appearing the biggest number of times in the page (so for example if all your words / combination of keywords appear maximum two times in the page is enough to have your targeted keyphrase appearing thrice).

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