I do not understand why my site is listed on some of the data centers and on others is not found at all. My site www.stoltzfussawdust.com is currently found in only five of the seven data centers under searches "stoltzfus sawdust bedford" or other related searches. :

This is my first post on this forum. I enjoy this forum greatly. I am very new at the whole search engine game. I designed my site as a hobby about a year ago. In the last two month I became interested in search engines because of a part time job I have. The boss is interested in having his site place well in search engines. I started doing research on search engines in the end of November. I redid my site in December. Unfortunetly it looks like I missed having my change in the latest google update. I will welcome any constructive advice or suggestions.

I linked to my brother's site that recently may have did some white keywords on white background. www.dzstoltzfus.com Hopefully I can get him to change before he does himself or me some damage

Thanks in advance for your input.