Hi, folks. I'm a copywriter that's lately become an SEO copywriter.

A client of mine who owns an online retail store presented me with an interesting problem:

Several of his products come in multiple colors and configurations. At present, his site hosts a category page and then discreet pages for each color and configuration.

The kicker here is that all of his pages share the same copy.

With the post-Panda emphasis against duplicate content, he asked me if he should eliminate the individual SKU pages by combining them into a single dynamic page or if he should write unique copy for each SKU.

Combining the multiple SKUs into a dynamic page seems potentially tricky with regard to indexing information on each item. One big plus he mentioned with keeping separate pages for each SKU is that each one gets a listing on Google Shopping pages with an accurate photo of the item.

However, maintaining separate pages for each SKU seems at best to dilute each pages' rank, and at worst risks severe devaluation based on post-Panda duplicate content rules.

I'm a keyword guy much more than a web design or UX guy, so technical advice is particularly appreciated here.

Thanks in advance.