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    Multiple links from same domain (different pages) considered in score of backlinks?


    Let's say there are multiple backlinks from different pages of same domain to different pages of other domain like below:

    Website A: Page 1 -----------> Website B: Page 1

    Website A: Page 2 -----------> Website B: Page 2

    Do the pages of Website B pages will get backlinks authority equally or they don't get much backlinks impact as they have multiple backlinks from same domain?

    There were old school stories that Google ignores second link from same domain.....etc... So, please suggest on this.

    Thank you.

    Note: The question is NOT about content relevancy or domain authority score of the backlinks.
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    Now this is a good question and it has a simple answer.

    Originally Posted by satish.seo
    There were old school stories that Google ignores second link from same domain.
    These stories are not stories, and it is how Google operates.

    They don't exactly ignore the second and succeeding links from the same page pointing to your site. How do you think Penguin operates ? It's all those additional links that start to get you into trouble when you don't understand the rules.

    Just for the record:
    Google places less importance on the second and further links you acquire from a single domain. This is what most folks don't understand. They post on a blog for instance and include multiple links back to their site but only the first one provides the juice. Now each link will give some juice, but as far as Google is concerned you only need the one. The rest are of very much less importance. An article or post that has 5 or 6 links in it looks spammy in my opinion, no matter how you format it.

    Stick to the one backlink per article, unless of course what you're posting really needs that second link. If you do include a second link or more, make sure they don't reference the same material / page.
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    And to explain how Google treats links from the same page..

    Let's say that there are ten total links on the blog post page, and that five of those links go to your site - the same page on your site. As Know mentions, juice will only flow from one of those links. But the page's link juice is still divided by ten, for the ten links. The link juice allocated to the four redundant links is then actually lost - it doesn't flow anywhere. So you actually reduce the amount of link juice flowing to your page by adding the additional links. You've reduced the available link juice by 40% and actually lessen the value of the one good link.

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