I really have a couple of questions.

1 - I switched to a new server which has the mod_security module enabled on Apache. I discovered that this module disables scanning tools such as http://validator.w3.org/checklink and Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Tool. The server gave me the option of turning it on or off, but I can't enter any excludes for these tools. My question: can mod_security have any adverse affect on search engine crawling? And am I better off leaving it on for security reasons. The thing I really like to use is Lynx Viewer because it detects hidden links.

2 - I discovered the hard way that the higher number of clicks out from the home page to content the longer it takes Google to index the content pages (I was 3 clicks out). But I have a pageload problem incuding everything on the home page. My question: does it make any difference at all if I have just one link on the home page direct to the content, or is it helpful to have 2 direct links to the same content?

3 - Last, but not least. I'm doing well being indexed by Google right now. I just past 2000 pages. But only 150 on Yahoo, and only 1 or 2 on Bing and Ask. I'm submitted, and pinging all with my sitemap, and have just begun link building. Is it true that you just have to be patient with the slower 3 search engines? Or is there more to it, and something else I should be looking into?

Thank you. I really apprecaite the help.