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    mobile first index

    So we have a desktop site and a mobile site. At the moment it isn't responsive, it just redirects to a mobile version with less content when using a phone. If I understand correctly this will not be good for my rankings. Am I correct? We are having a new site built that will be responsive but it will not be ready for a couple of months. Should I worry about this?
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    What are your concerns?

    In my inexpert opinion, a responsive site is probably ideal. It's fine to have both a desktop and a mobile version - but for the mobile first index, it's my impression that they'll be using the mobile version, in that case, for the primary index. If your mobile page has less content than the desktop version, then that could potentially have a negative effect yes.

    Here's this article: FAQ: All about the Google mobile-first index

    My mobile site has less content than my desktop site. Should I be nervous?

    Potentially, yes. Google has said that it will look at the mobile version of your site. If that has less content on page A than the desktop version of page A, then Google will probably just see the mobile version with less content.
    This is why Google recommends you go with a responsive approach — the content is the same on a page-by-page basis from your desktop to your mobile site. You can do the same with other mobile implementations, but there is more room for error.
    "Potentially" is probably the most important word there. But it seems like it would be ideal to make sure you are losing as little content as possible when going from desktop to mobile. On another note:

    With desktop sites, Google said that content hidden in tabs, accordions, expandable boxes and other methods would not be weighted as high. But when it comes to mobile, Google’s Gary Illyes said content like this will be given full weight if done for user experience purposes. The idea is that expandable content makes sense on mobile and not so much on desktop.
    Hope that helps.

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    I think a good mobile site is definitely a bonus in targeting more traffic visits outside desktop users. If you have a decent desktop site, then you can take the time to optimize it and make it mobile friendly. Designing a mobile site is even better. For mobile ranking, I think your site would somehow be affected. You can try to see how much traffic you are getting traffic from mobile. Check out numbers including the average time on site and bounce rates. I think if you have a pretty empty mobile site, then you might get low average time on site and high bounce rates for mobile. That should hurt especially if you are getting actual visitors. Less content is also not good for Google.
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    You seem to think having two sites is better... I just want to mention a few pros and cons to your statements...

    Originally Posted by Xen-G
    If you have a decent desktop site, then you can take the time to optimize it and make it mobile friendly. Designing a mobile site is even better. For mobile ranking, I think your site would somehow be affected.
    Generally speaking maintaining two sites is twice the workload, twice the capacity to make an error, you have to pay attention and include the appropriate coding.

    (edited to add ->>> All sites I design are RWD aka Responsive Web Design.)

    But my biggest con against your post is this.... The article ->>> Is Responsive Design A Ranking Factor?
    an excerpt from it...

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