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    Question Meta tags for review - please help!


    These are my meta tags for www. thegamesarcade.com - please can you pro's help me with these question: . Thanks in advance!

    ? Can I improve them
    ? Can I add more words
    ? What would you do different if you owned a mobile java games download site with free mobile video, wallpaper and game reviews
    ? Are there any other meta tags I need to help search engines

    Homepage Meta tags

    Title (15 words, 81 characters with no spaces)

    Mobile Java Games, free java video, game reviews, Nokia mobile games, free cell phone wallpaper

    Keywords (20 words)

    Mobile java games, mobile phone games, free java video, cell phone game reviews, nokia jad game, siemens, motorola, samsung, sagem

    Description (37 words, 200 characters with no spaces)

    Mobile Java Game downloads, free mobile phone java video, competitions to win mobile jad games and Nokia Ngage mobile gaming phones. Java game reviews and mobile games charts for Nokia, siemens, motorola, sharp, sagem and Samsung phones

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    Hi, a bit of lateral thinking is required when doing this.
    What are search engines looking for? - Relevant Content
    So if a page has a title relating to several different keywords its not going to be entriely relevant to any one of them is it?

    The best bet is to do one page for one keyword ONLY! It makes a big difference. Google can tell that your page is not soley about the one keyword ans so will rank it low for several of the keywords rather than high for one of them.

    I would do this

    <title>Mobile Java Games</title>
    <meta name="keywords" content="mobile, java, games" />
    <meta name="description" content="This site is all about mobile java games only mention the title tag once or twice in the description." />

    Also of relevance is the fact that google places NO relevane on the keywords or descriptions tag. General consensus is that it is best to keep them for other engine though!

    Seriously - stick to the one keyword for one page rule and you will do much better - it taks time but you will be rewarded.
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    Do your homework!

    The title tag is the one that says the most to Google, or most search engines: it tells them concisely what you believe the page is about. To find out what words and phrases are best, do some homework--use a tool (such as Digitalpoint's most excellent keyword-suggestion tool, at www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/) to see what terms, and variants of them, are actually searched for most often. (Take care, though: the more a term is searched for, the more competitive it is, and thus the harder it is to get high placement for that term).

    For example, Overture reports:

    That alone is food for thought, and there's more where that came from.

    Title tags need to be as short as you can make them while still hitting your prime keywords--else those keywords are "diluted" by the rest of the text. They also need, urgently, to be an accurate reflection of what the page really is about. If you are tempted to stuff many keywords into the title, that is a sign--as others have said--that you need multiple pages, each addressing some different factor with its own keywords.

    Site front pages should ideally be short and punchy--tell them what your site exists for, why it's good for them, and then lead them on to the detailed pages inside the site. The end.

    It is common, and I think good, practice to use the title-tag text as the h1 header text for the page. Opinions vary, but my own belief is one h1 to a page, with the first h2 immediately (no intervening text) below it; a page should have at least two h2 tags, but not very many. Use tags below that level as logical necessity dicates. Make sure that your hx tags are all oriented to your keywords for that page.

    Eric Walker
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