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    Meta Tags

    I keep reading in these pages that Meta tags are not important for Google optimization.

    Here is the result of a test that wasn't even meant to be a test.

    I built a secondary information site in a question and answer form to support my site. This is a very simple five-page site, pure HTML not a pixel of graphics. Pages are not optimized; they are Q and A on the main subject of my main site.

    Some two months ago I changed the Meta tags.

    Title is now < information and definition of keyword phrase >

    Meta Keywords < information, definition keyword phrase >

    In a search for "definition of keyphrase" the site shows up in positions 1 and 55, page three of the site is positions 2 and 56!

    The word DEFENITION is nowhere in the text of the site!

    The only conclusion is: Google pays attention to Meta tags! A lot of sites show up high in Google SERPs that donít use Meta tags but that only goes to show that Google pays attention to everything!

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    Google reads the meta tags but there is no evidence that it pays attantion to the keyword meta tag. The Title tag is the most important on page optimization factor IMO. The description meta tag is used by Google in some circumstances.
    What you have experienced is the power of the Title tag. I trust that you have a misspelling for the word "DEFENITION" in your post and that it should be "definition" instead?
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    Google has always used the "title" META, but not the "keywords" META. The "description" META verbage is sometimes used by Google to describe the page/site, but it is debated whether the "description" META is used by Google in any other way. IMO, I think the fact that "description" is used by Google to describe the page/site leads me to believe that it is also used partly in determining page content and relevancy. Some people wrongly claim that the "description" is used only when there is not sufficient onpage text for Google to describe the page/site. I have a homepage where there is plenty of descriptive onpage text where Google uses the META description.
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    Tweaking the description alone does nothing to SERPS.
    The only thing that really change something for onpage is the title tag.
    Disclaimer : My posts on SEO are just from my observations and I do not say it is a true fact... A real fact of life is that, I'm often wrong...

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