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    Lots of US Sites in the UK Serps?






    Any ideas?

    There are lots of us listings way up towards number1 in UK where they were not previously. I have see lots of UK sites drop; ones which have held first page listings for two years.
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    Its the Yanks kickingAss across the pond.

    Maybe google tweaked the value of country-specific links?
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    Thanks for your response Egol. And your theory is a good one. So yes maybe it's a tweak, and also maybe a BAD idea.

    Google if you are reading this (it's a BIG forum so you could be) please put the Geo algo back as it was before. Everyone prefered it as it was! I have telephone number sites and for my search it's bringing back US numbers which cannot be dialed from the UK. Hmm bad search result listing.

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    Indeed, that's one of the main updates I noticed recently is that US results are suddenly appearing in the UK results. Doesn't bother me, cos I kick all their asses anyway within the UK results but for the searcher it must be really annoying when they're ending up on sites which don't actually service the UK in the top 10 of the results

    I personally think it is could be related to the brand weighting...If you consider, if the branding isn't geographically weighted, then US "brands" may end up in the UK results which is what I've noticed in my little niche

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