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    Lots of domains + same content = google slap ?


    My company has numerous domain names. I am not sure about the technicalities but it seems that they are set up just to replace the domain name at the start of the url.

    So that:


    is the exact same as



    Now I don't remember ever uploading the content of the site to these new domains, so I presume the DNS server just replaces the original domain name for the new one.

    Does this mean that google will penalise us for duplicate content?
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    You need to set up a proper 301 redirect

    A 301 redirect is generally the best to use for SEO, the first thing you should do when looking at a site for SEO is check redirects and what kind they are. A 301 tells the search engine this website has moved permanently form www.domain1.com to www.domain2.com. If domain2.com had previously rank well but the company name changed to domain2.com then you would use a 301 redirect, the new domain will then benefit as it won't be seen as a new site and starting from zero.

    You can set 301 redirects to redirect to the corresponding page e.g. domain1.com/widgets redirects to domain2.com/widgets.

    If Google sees a 301 redirect to the new domain it will see this as a permanent redirect and you won't get penalised. If however the old domain stays with the same content it probably will get picked up as duplicate content.

    As for having multiple domains pointing to the main one with 301 redirects this shouldn't be a problem
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    Google will pick one of the domain names to be the canonical version and will remove all the other domain names from the index. You won't be able to choose which one.

    So as the other poster says, 301 redirect all the extra domains to the one that you want to be the defacto version.

    You'll still only get one domain name in the index, but at least it will be the one you choose.
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    Ok thanks for that guys.

    I have noticed that there is no PR on these duplicate domains so that would seem to fit with what you are saying.

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