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    Links in SERP site description!! Is that normal?

    hey guys...

    I am here to report a new bug on googe search results. Or may be I think so. It is unique to some particular sites and looks like its being triggered by some code on the site in questions.

    Check this snap shot of the error.

    Notice the third result. Have you seen anything like that before?
    Its not a browser error. I have cross checked on IE as well.

    The error occurs with Squidoo.com only especially when you search on google toolbar in sign out mode. ( i have replicated the error on google search in sign in mode too)

    for more details on the error please refer to my post
    Links in SERP site description

    And in all different search queries I have tried around squidoo the error is of the same type.. Starts with Jump to...one of the navigation links.

    I hope you will help me dig further into this.
    Whats the purpose? Ha ha..would you love a link like that in your site description? LOL. I dont mind using the bug to advantage...
    SEO Professionals in NewDelhi It is different. Don't believe me? Go check yourself.
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    Itís not an error

    Notice when you search for "Top 10 Hill Stations in India" only the main URL comes up.

    Because you have text on that page that says "10 KILLER ways to promote your Squidoo lens" and that page has authority, it is ranking for that keyword.

    10 KILLER ways to promote your Squidoo lens

    The only word that is relevant to your search is "lens" now notice how "lens" is in your jump link, so Google is thinking that the jump link is relevant to your search query, so they are displaying it in the search results. Iím assuming it's something to do with how relevant that jump link is to your search. In this case you have "lens" mentioned in the jump link, H2 tag, and the H3 tag.

    Jump links are not only for squidoo, anyone can have jump links, and is usually used on pages that have a lot of content, ie. A table of contents, you can have a "return to top" link, and in squidoo's case, they are jumping to modules via the table of contents module.

    I will admit that squidoo does show a lot of jump links, but only because most people use the table of contents module.

    A better example of this would be:


    Search for "stuffed Cabbage" on Google and you will see a lens by JaguarJulie, notice how there isn't a jump link.

    Now search for "Stuffed Cabbage grandmother" notice the jump link.

    Grandmother is in the table of contents, in the H1, and the text of that module.

    I hope you will see that it's actually an error on your behalf, even though it was not intentional.
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    Very good explanation, similar to that of looking for a company site. When you are an authority site you will see results aside from the parent page displaying each page Indexed by Google. With squidoo, it's displayed differently.
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    @seogod Thanks.
    That was helpful. I never knew jump links are common.
    Could you show me some other example with jump links? I dont see them with Wiki. they have similar jump structure and have a lot of content too.

    I am not at all worried about the relevance. I am just looking for a way to replicate that jump to link on my pages. Y? cuz I have this stupid feeling that it will help improve click through..

    Even for other lenses of mine I dont get jump links. It happens some times probably for those lenses that have the discovery feature on - for those navigation links -- not the table of contents.

    No worries...I will dig further about it and try to replicate it on a self coded page. Lets see if I can get it.

    @teena we are not talking about site links. That are a different ball game.

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