I am a member of a very well established, non-spammy forum where I regularly make posts. All posts are genuine and were not intended to get links. I recently investigated why one specific page on my website recently plummeted off Google and found a large amount of links coming from this one forum.

I've looked into this and it seems that when I set up my forum profile it asked for my website home page. I completed this with an internal page on my site (which sounds wrong as it asks for home page but the forum in question was based around the subject of one of my internal pages so I thought it more appropriate). It is one of these forums where if you click on the user name it brings up a list of info about the user, including "visit my homepage" - therefore every post I've ever made has created a link to this one page on my website with the same anchor text.

My site went from around 15th to 250th on roughly the 17th January 2013. I know there's been a lot of talk about this date as a Google update or refresh of somesort but I was wondering whether this ties in with the fact I have just topped 200 links from this one domain with the next highest being 7 from the same domain.

All other pages on my site have actually increased a position or two around the same sort of time but this one page just bombed and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it.

Any ideas/suggestions?