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    Learning SEO with a very limited budget

    Hi guys

    Ok here's my story.

    Ive owened a website since 2007 which I set it up for my other half to run, but she didnt really take to it so i just left it running its self. Its always been around page 1 / 2 on google for good highly searched keywords "baby names" "potty training".

    Any ways a year ago my partner had a brain hemmorage so had to quit work, Shes been recovering slowly but is getting bored of doing nothing but be a housewife so i asked if she wanted to run the site again as its not too difficult for her putting content on, about a topic she loves.

    She agreed so i did a website make over because it started to look a bit out dated. The new site has been launched, the facebook group is going strong but ive noticed we are now on page 2/3 of google.

    Ive checked and still have a low pagerank of 3 :s

    Ive not really done SEO before and feel im hitting my head against a brick wall. Its quite confusing to me.

    In an ideal world i would have enough money to pay some talented person to do it, but quotes i have had have been way too expensive for me(more than my monthly mortgage payment).

    As i am now the only person working with a wife and 2 kids to support i am on a massively tight budget especially for a website that doesnt really earn much money. I Just want to get ranked high to keep the other half busy with like minded people and of course to say we have achieved something between us.

    I have joined this great forum to read and ask advice and will continue to read, post and contribute anythign i learn.

    Ive read getting backlinks to the website is a must, but have no idea how to do it. Ive emailed like wise websites requesting a link exchange and had some success with it.

    Ive read that submitting to directories is good, but what are the best, what ones do you avoid?

    Any help would be massively appreciated.
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    Very few of the successful people here spend money on SEO. However, they have been willing to invest a lot of time to learn, to practice and to study. If you are willing to do that then you have the first step to success.

    The fact that your rankings have fallen in the past few years is simply a fact of life on the web.... other people are working constantly to get above you.

    If great content is being added to your site in a steady stream and you give it good title tags and maintain a site that is helpful to others then you have most of the ingredients to success.

    Keep reading and asking questions here.

    Specific questions are the best. General questions will not give helpful people enough information to give an opinion.

    Last, lots of the advice here or on any SEO forum is bad advice. Before you start making big moves on your site decide who you can trust and read their postings on the subjects where you need information. Use the forum search.

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    • ngokung agrees : thank you for the great advice
    • Lb1878 agrees : kiddiekids, in case you overlook Egol's reputation points, he is absolutely a person to follow and trust around here. Sorry, out of rep
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    Oh I thought of something to add... Read the posts here by DrMarie starting from as far back as you can go.

    Read Egol's posts too. And ask before you do stuff! No more link exchanges.

    Good luck, sorry for your troubles, i'll help any way I can.
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    I wrote a book on acquired brain injury for shepherd center and she is very determined if she wants to get back to running the site. Good for her!

    People love blogs about success stories and how people have overcome physical and health setbacks. Has she thought about a blog to help people get through a similar situation? Tips and how to cope would get a real following and back links. She doesn't have to use her name.
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    The wife decided to get back to it... but did she, or are you waiting for the site to be fixed. Cause the site has been stale from what I understand. You have to start baby-feeding pages to get googlebot back on track usually.

    It will take a little time to get it back on track, but a PR3 is not bad at all to work with... much easier than a brand new site anyway...

    The best advice I read around here on how to use a low budget to help a site, again, came from master Egol here. Go and buy a camera and get super pictures for your site. Been doing it for years now and it's worth the time.

    SEO seems to be a big thing... cause there's a lot of things to know to make crawlable pages, links, site structure... and lots of people running conclusions off a single observation messing everything up.

    Just sit and make the best structure the visitor can use to navigate the site. Use good anchor, titles, and don't try to push too much.

    Read the posts made by Egol, Gazzahk, Fathom, Jsteele and other old farts here... REP is not always a good sign, cause lots of people I think were on top of sites, were in fact just working a day job, and had good memories to repeat stuff they read.

    I always submit my sites to DMOZ, as a habbit, and cause I always submit once the site will obviously be added. When I was looking for sites, I used to look at DMOZ to find audited sites that might be worth contacting.

    I feel your pain about getting links, cause we all been there before... don't get SEO tunnel vision and go crazy on minute details. Work on making the best site you can, and it will get easier and easier with time.

    Good success !
    Disclaimer : My posts on SEO are just from my observations and I do not say it is a true fact... A real fact of life is that, I'm often wrong...
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    Hi guys

    I just want to say many thanks for your advice. I will be sure to search posts from the members mentioned and get on.

    but did she, or are you waiting for the site to be fixed
    She definately wanted to do it

    Once again i really appreciate your time to reply have a great day
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    Welcome to the forum!

    You definitely don't need a large budget to learn SEO...but you do need time and dedication.

    I haven't spent a penny on SEO for my site. I came in here just over a year ago with almost no SEO knowledge and learned from some great people here. I applied the advice I was given and saw what worked...asked a LOT of questions and continued to improve. And now my site is quite successful.

    Looking forward to seeing your site grow!

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    • Lb1878 agrees : and she continues to ask questions and share information. Dr. Marie is truly a success story around here.. shows you it can be done with time and determination

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