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    Keine Besucher über Google - Wer erkennt das Problem?

    Hi an alle im Forum.

    Es geht um die Seite: goo.gl/OdQ4M

    Die Seite besteht seit September 2012 ca. und wird seit Jänner 2013 gut mit Content versorgt.

    Bis zum 10. März 2013 verlief alles ganz gut es kamen Besucher über Google und der Traffic stieg stetig an. Danach fielen die Statistiken auf den Boden und bis heute kommt nahezu kein einziger Besucher über google.

    Wir hatten ein internes Duplicate Content Problem, das aber bereits gelöst wurde. Wir haben viele Backlinks dazubekommen und auch Contentmässig stellen wir sehr viel online. Es werden aber viele Seiten nicht indexiert vor allem die aus dem Quotenvergleich goo.gl/khlpJ , aber auch die Seiten die indexiert werden, werden absolut nicht gerankt also es kommt kein Besucher darüber, also genau genommen ist die Seite tot.

    Aus unserer Sicht steht die Seite aber sehr gut da und es ist nicht erklärbar warum kein Traffic mehr entsteht.

    Wer hat hier eine Idee woran es liegen könnte. Links passen, Strukturtiefe passt, Content ist gut, wir sind ratlos.

    Danke für eure Inputs!
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    Hi, sorry I forgot that this forum is in English!

    I have a question regarding my webiste: goo.gl/OdQ4M
    The page was launched in September 2012 and content was added since January 2013.
    Until the 10th of March 2013 everything worked out well and visits increased.
    Afterwards the stats went to zero and currenty not a single visitor comes from google.

    We had some issues with internal ducplicate content but this was already solved. We have also worked a lot on link building and we post content every week.

    Some of our pages are not indexed I thin because of low content - I am talking about pages like goo.gl/khlpJ but we still don´t know how we should handle this pages, because the content is what it is - only the odds of the sport events. How can we manage that google adds them to the index?

    We think that our site is good and the content is of high quality so we absolutly do not understand why there is absolutly no traffic from google.
    Btw: the page is in the index but the ranking is very bad and some pages are not in the index and some of them were deindexed as well.
    In total we have more than 3000 pages but we excluded them from the sitemap so that we can start from a new basis.

    Does anyone of you have an idea what the problem could be?

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    As you said there was traffic before and now you have lost it, sounds like your website is penalized.
    You said you have worked a lot on link building, it might be possible that you have been penalized by Penguin.

    Login to your webmaster account and check for any warnings, if you find any then analyze your backlink profile and remove low quality/bad links coming to your website using disavow tool.
    Once done submit your site for reconsideration.
    Hey! I am Shobhit, working as Asst. Manager Online Marketing in New Delhi, India.
    I am an avid and omnivorous reader as far as SEO and smartphones are concerned. I also have a blog on Search Engine Optimization that shares a few tips and tricks on SEO.
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    Thank you for your suggestion but we only created quality links without any tools or paid links. there is also no info in our webmaster tools. We simply have no idea what we can do to increase the traffic or at least get some traffic. as mentioned it is back to zero!
    There is a lot of content, good design, some good links, no spam, no duplicate content but no visits.

    other ideas?

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