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    Just a quick question

    Here is my question:

    Recently google has index (a new site's) homepage and ranked it fairly well for the keywords that i was shooting for and did well, I've recently changed the targeted main keyword and revised the site and now this dance has come along (not hurt us yet).

    The index.html homepage was a PR0 (i assume since the site was so new it wasnt online before last dance in june) and now google has deep crawled the past few days and now all of our pages are PR0 that were grey'ed out (even after clicking backlinks then IE back button). So i know google has now crawled all of our pages, my next question is after the dance and PR caclucation is it likely sites climb higher in serps? www-cw and www-gv and www-gv2 datacenters show the new backlinks (we never had any before). So i guess my last question is once it all sync's up is it likely the serps will rise? sorry for the ignorance on the question, but not see'ing results and reading these posts during this off dance, im dying to hear common results.

    I did read here if you rank high already for a given word some changes if even any never happen and you hold ground high, i guess im curious if that was the case with no backlinks and no PR now that we've been deep crawled and PR'd throughout the site what is likely to happen? Thanks
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    I have heard people speak of "calculate on the fly" PR with which I am not convinced of as of yet so I am going to assume tradtional factors apply.

    The answer to your question is this: an increase in PR and backlinks cannot hurt your serp results (keep in mind an increase in backlinks nad PR of your competitor can) however the recognition of those backlinks can really help if your keyword phrases are in the anchors of those newly indexed links

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