For the purpose of this thread I only want to talk about the known effects on Google ranking (not CTA's etc..)

So I posted a week or so a couple of threads about issues to do with ranking and although it was useful, did not really give me any new fruit to work with.

One of the things I did was clean up a lot of the site loose ends, but the other thing I did was to add JSON data to a couple of the pages for testing.

The JSON data included my target SEO phrase.

This morning I have seen a lift to one of my test pages to roughly where I would want to see it. (Prior it was hovering at the bottom of the top ten and this morning Im hitting top 3)

Now it might be a blip...

But can anyone here give me some idea how much effect a well constructed JSON will have on pure ranking verses doing things like correcting spelling mistakes on a site wide basis for non target words.)