Hi folks,

I am running Google PPC campaign and using the same landing page for organic and paid search, problem is that I am doing splittest for my PPC campaigns URL and those landing pages are indexed in Google, I donít understand from where they found links that cause problem for my actually landing page indexing, at present if I searched site:domain.com I can not see my organic landing page thatís http://www.domain.com/subfolder/level1/level2/landingpage.php, but I can see the PPC splittest page thatís http://www.domain.com/splittest/?aid=INSON1&pid=io-main and if I click on this URL it will redirect to the actually landing page, so suggest me what should I do to re index my original landing page to Google,

Actually organic landing page http://www.domain.com/subfolder/level1/level2/landingpage.php
Paid landing page with splittest page http://www.domain.com/splittest/?aid=INSON1&pid=io-main

The same scenario happens with yahoo and msn they crawled and index my splittest landing pages but not the actually landing page, what could be the reason?

Please help me to solve this issue.