I'm doing an experiment with 4 new self hosted Wordpress sites (2 months old) with different high Adsense paying niches. I'm planning on adding about 1000 unique posts a day to all of them for months (250 posts a day for each site), build zero links to them or the site, and aim for longtail traffic from all those posts.

The quality of the articles is fine, people might even link to them if I put some pictures or nice format to them, but with 1000 posts per day, I can't invest time on that, so the articles are just posted as plain text. They target longtail keywords mostly, but I don't have a keyword strategy for them, I'll just wait for Analytics to tell me what I'm ranking for when traffic starts rolling in.

Previous experiments with smaller sites with this same approach showed about 1/3 pageview per post per month from longtail keywords, so that's 300,000 posts to make about $1000/month from Adsense. At the rate I'm posting (started a few days ago), I'll have 300k posts on all 4 sites in about 10 months, hopefully making me roughly $1000/mo from purely longtail traffic from keywords with no competition. It takes about 2 hours a day to get the articles done and post them.

The 4 sites have now about 200 posts each and WMT is showing seaches for some longtails already, as planned (no clicks yet though).

My question is about INDEXATION. Does anyone have an idea of how many posts are likely to get indexed before the sites reach their PageRank limit for indexation? I know that the more PageRank (incoming links) you have, the more will Google crawl and index your site. In my case, I'll get virtually no links at all, so Google will stop indexing my new posts after a while, my question is how many. 1000? 10,000? If the number is accetable I'll make new sites so that each site has less posts, all get indexed, and that's it. But if Google indexes less than a 1000 posts, the plan will not work unless I set up hundreds of sites...

Does anyone have any experience on indexation of big sites with zero-authority?