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    Image ranking

    I got my own website but provide some posts on forums as well to expand my reach.
    It seems to work against me now since.
    Here is the situation:
    I create a build log of a scale model on my website, embed the pictures with link (they're on the server of my website), and post in on my site as a "post" with categories and tags etc etc.

    To show it to a wider audience I copy my post and publish it on a forum. but now when you search for specific terms my pictures show up every time BUT they link to the forum.
    So google ranks the forum higher as my website,

    ok I understand because the forum is far more trusted and has way more visitors, but how can I change this?

    I get a lot of traffic from google pictures, so imagine that I am missing a lot at the moment if it links to the forum.
    I suppose if it links to my post my visitors will increase sufficiently

    I think its crazy google does not recognize the pics are from my website by checking the url.
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    Find the right images

    Use the keyword(s) in the file name

    Create descriptive alt text

    The right anchor text

    Make sure the image matches the content

    Don’t stuff

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    One of the most important factors to rank images is the (text) content surrounding an image. Typically, this would be a caption located below an image. Alt text and file name are not as relevant as they used to be. It does help a lot if page where your lmage is located on receives relevant inbound links.
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    I did a small test on images about a month ago regarding images as I said I was sure google was reading the EXIF data within images to help them index.

    So below are my findings.

    I posted a new image on my website on a not very popular page.

    I put some text just under the image,
    I called the image something different
    I placed a different ALT tag on the image.
    I added EXIF data and put a description into that.

    If I searched for the ALT text the results are #2
    If I search for the text under the image results are #3
    If I search for the image name its not listed (without the .jpg)
    If I search for the description I put in the EXIF data it is not listed

    So the only conclusion you can come from this test is that the alt text is the most important and slightly behind that is the text near the image.
    There is little you can do to the image or embed into it that will effect your position much.

    In your case where your posting the image onto a forum its the text within the forum and around the image that is making the image rank higher and not the image itself

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    I haven't checked lately, I would assume this is still fairly accurate.
    Google images question
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    Thanks for the tips guys!
    this is really helpfull, as I did not know the surrounding text was so important!.

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    what about other people using your image and\or linking to it. Do you think that would increase your image ranking? Just something to think about ;)
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