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    I'm looking to conduct tests; Suggestions would help a lot!

    I'm looking to conduct some tests. Most of my knowledge has been passed down to me from experienced SEOs, I just want to confirm some theories with my own eyes through testing practically.

    Most SEOs say directories are dead, even human edited ones. I wasn't around when directories were a huge thing; I have heard of dmoz, but they've closed down now.

    Please could someone recommend a human edited directory which has, or had a great repuation - but won't break my bank account, which I can sign up with, so I can then conduct my test with directories.

    Also if anybody has any tests which would be interesting to conduct, tell me about it and I will probably put something together :-)

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    So you could do a quick search "best directories" should help you with this.

    The thing about directories is that they can still work, but as you mentioned it is best too look out for ones that are manually moderated (by people).

    1) Directories that automatically allow submissions tend to get spammed with people promoting porn, gambling and other services that are associated with spam / sensitive content. When Google sees sites linking out to these, it is likely to drop its rankings / authority. These directories also tend people to add a backlink WITHOUT any content surrounding that link.... spammy.

    2) Directories that are manually reviewed would normally:
    - Look out for sites with sensitive content.
    - Request some relevant content be added about the site / business
    - Ask for a relevant image
    - etc.

    So I would do a test on such directories mentioned on 1) and compare to number 2). You are likely to find you would get slightly better results with 2).

    Having said that I would not rely solely on directories. I would mix it with:

    a) Email outreach... letting people know about your new article / guide
    b) Guest posts on sites that are relevant and have some authority.
    c) Developing relationships with other webmasters by helping them out (for eg if you find broken links in their site) and in turn they may link back to you.|
    d) etc
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    Directories used to be a great source for inbound links, but they quickly became abused. That's when DMOZ and Yahoo directories (human edited) got more attention, since listing wasn't open to just anyone who could fill out a form.

    I've found that manually submitting to directories does little or no good for my client sites. However, using a reputation management tool (Moz has one) has proven advantageous for several small to medium sized clients and has helped me gain rank in both organic and local SERPs.
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