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    Iframe formor html form


    I have a website on wich I have to insert a form in every page. I have the form provided via iframe or I can also insert it with html and adding serveral css javascripts to the site. Which option is better for seo? inserting the form with iframe or with html, css and javascript?

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    I would suggest that you do not use iframes. Using iframes has its' own caveat's.

    Save yourself some time and effort down the road, don't use iframes. Just design your form, then include it on every page, like you would a "footer" div.
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    Is there any particular reason you are using an iframe?
    If it were me, I would have used the form in iframe under the following conditions.
    1. The form has too much gargabe text like list of country names, long list of products names, other such long lists.
    2. The form uses some heavy script for processing or validation
    3. Along with the above two reasons the form is not sitewide so I do not want every page to bear the burden of its elements or scripts.
    4. The form is conditional, i.e it changes based on some input and the entire form has to be replaced with another form.

    If not for the above conditions I would not mind the form being a part of the page's html. Since most forms do not add to the pages content or information having them in pages html does not matter much. However the presence of a form at the right position may indicate better usability and hence better onpage SEO. However, a poor or heavy form can bring down usability so it ultimately becomes bad SEO. That decision will be yours, to decide what the from means to you.
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