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    Unhappy I am confused.....plz help.


    Have a look at site-- www.globtier.com

    It's domain name is about 2yr old. It is cached on 6Jul. The site is running for such a long time and still its PR is 0. Why?

    Webmaster claims that he has never seen PR for this site.

    I have searched "globtier.com" in google and found it is not on top but on 4 position. Is it panalised by google?

    Just see it's source code and go to the bottom part; some hidden layers are present..............Is this "black hat seo"?

    Currently (near about one month ago) text was present on site with same color as it's background i.e hidden text was there.

    I want to confirm that wheather my site is panalised or not. If yes then how can i know the date of panalised and After what time it will be normal??

    Please please help.
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  3. SEO Earthquake!
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    Well, you only have about 30-40 links going to your site with a highly competitive KW. Get more links.

    You aren't banned. You may be penalized. G will handle that in its own time.

    The links at the bottom are somewhat spammish and look like KW stuffing (IMHO).

    Avoid BH techniques to prevent the stroke you are currently going through.
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  5. hctibselgoogtonmai
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    You're penalized IMO. I just looked at the first page and it was all supplementals. No site, even with a single link, should show pr0 after two years.
    Last edited by FogHorn; Aug 9th, 2005 at 04:30 PM.
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    This website is definitely penalized for:
    1. Overused words: outsourcing, software, etc.
    2. All bottom links point to doorway pages that reload you again to the index page.
    Topic is depleted.
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  9. SEO Earthquake!
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    Geez, I knew those links looked spammy but serriously - redirects?!

    vinod2005 - You are a spammer. G does not like you. You can build a quality site and get ranked well or you can keep trying dumb old-school BH techniques and keep getting caught. I strongly reccomend a new "web master".

    Since the site is not banned - YET - you still have time to recover, but I'd do it soon if you are really interested in having a site that delivers.

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    • toddieg agrees : tell it like it is :)
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  11. Permanently Banned
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    these are by far my favorite posts to read.

    obviously you must have known (or at least thought) that this was somewhat questionable... i mean, come'on - doorways on your own domain... on top of that, doorways on the index page!? ... on top of that.. trying to stuff hidden text in? this is my favorite part of your code

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    lol... too funny.

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    oh, and this is my favorite quote off your homepage

    We optimize your outsourcing model by providing a unique blend of american management and quality control with Indian brains and cost-effectiveness
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    Is there any tool to check site is panalised?

    Is there any tool available which can tell me exactly when my site is panalised and what time it will take to recover?
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    Originally Posted by vinod2005
    Is there any tool available which can tell me exactly when my site is panalised and what time it will take to recover?
    trust us...it's penalized.

    recovery will not be easy on this one as it has been banned for so long now - i'd clean it up and start over.
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    Is this post a wind up?
    It looks to crazy to be true.
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    Originally Posted by vinod2005
    Is there any tool available which can tell me exactly when my site is panalised and what time it will take to recover?
    It probably won't recover, and why does it matter when they caught you? It's penalized. Get another domain and put *clean* content on it. Hopefully this will be a good lesson for you of what not to do regarding optimization.

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