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    How long before on-page tweaks take effect?

    How long before on-page tweaks take effect?

    I thought with Google any changes you made to the page body had immediate effect once the page is picked up and cached with the new changes present. Apparently not with my sandboxed site? I changed the header and meta description tag entirely on one page a couple of days ago and made a few slight on-page changes to target significantly different keyword combinations and dropping one or two keyword phrases entirely as I felt they deserved a page to themselves. Anyway...

    Today, that page appears in the SERPs with the changes cached...but when searching, it's in the EXACT same position for the keyword phrases I was originally targeting, including the words I removed entirely, and nowhere for the new phrase I added. It's as if G is "presenting" but not "seeing" the changes.

    OK, so is this normal now, does it take *some time* for Google to re-rank stuff based upon on-page changes...or is it 'a sandbox thing' (changes have no effect?)...or is it just an annoying fluke?

    Any opinions? It has been a while since I tweaked pages like this, my old site ranks just fine with a few extra links aimed at it now and then and no changes to the pages are needed, so I'm a bit rusty with how Google behaves these days in respect to tweaking page content.
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    It depends on a few things. Title will react pretty quick but also gradually. Some pages I tweak will move within 2-3 days, but on more competitive ones it takes a week and more. Then with time it gets a bit more kick.

    Changes to H1 on a competitive search will usually not budge much and will take more time than the title. If the page is well linked from internal and external links so it's crawled often, the changes may appear quicker. My observations are from pages crawled everyday.
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    In my experience, when I do an on-page tweak I see movement in the SERPS within 48-72 hours. The amount of SERP movement is dependent upon the size and scope of my changes. On a major tweak I will see significant movement within the SERPS early with continuous movement over the next month or so before it finally settles completely. On a minor tweak, I see early movement and fast settling to the pages SERP position.

    In your circumstance, IMO it would appear that everything you are attempting is being muted by the sandbox effect.
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